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Advertise Your Brand Across Poudre School District

Enhance your brand's visibility and support the school community by choosing from one of our four valuable sponsorship packages. These packages provide an exceptional opportunity to engage with students and fans, while also funding a platform that offers real career development opportunities for students.Partner With Us

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10,140,000 Annual Impressions

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Advertise Your Brand Across Poudre School District

Choose from one of four value packages below to present your brand and message to students and fans within your community while supporting the school and helping fund a platform that provides real career opportunities for students.

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Each Partnership Package identified in the opening pages of this Partnership Program includes a list of advertising placements incorporated with its offering. The pages that follow help illustrate opportunity available and the characteristics of each placement so you can better understand the value your business will receive with each package.

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Maximize your brand's reach in events held at French Field and the PSD Stadium at Timnath Middle High School

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Why Partner with us

Why Partner with us

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Meet Our Partners


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